Over a year later ….

Well …… I have talked to a few professionals in the field … Web Design … and one of the classes that THEY …. Professionals Here in the Flathead Valley … say they are surprised that the college does not dwell deeper into Word Press. ESPECIALLY since the school is teaching Web Design, that is about a year or more …. like 2+ …. behind the curve. In other words ….. OUTDATED … These professionals have not used Dreamweaver in over 5 years!! They use Word Press. If you like, feel free to comment, or chime in on what you use.

My challenge to you …. Look at an ad in the newspaper, for a website designer …. and look at their requirements. Then look at the Website Design degree from FVCC ….. and see if what they are teaching, is even close to the relevance of what an employer is looking for in a prospective employee. Let me know what you find. I am interested ……


It’s Finally … OVER!!!!

Well, school has finished and yes, I did graduate and walk the walk.  I have had time to evaluate my schooling over the last couple of years … 2 1/2 to be exact … and I am a little disappointed to say the least.  Maybe because the IT Website field is forever changing … and at a rapid pace … but I feel my education here at Flathead Valley Community College was far from par.  It seems that some of the classes were good ones to take for the field, while others … a complete waste of time.  And then once you are in a class that applies to your field, you are only in it for 1 semester, to never touch that subject again, until you try to find a job, and then realize that you are sitting behind the eight ball with your education for the field of choice.

Now that brings me to the instructors at FVCC … Some of them are very caring, knowledgeable, and passionate teachers of their chosen field.  And some others … lets just say … NOT!!!!  A lot of the instructors at FVCC are just part-time.  I understand that they have other jobs, hell, you need to just to survive in the valley.  BUT, when you have made a choice to be a teacher, that career should come first, especially when you are in the middle of teaching a class.  And yes, I have heard how little the teachers make here at FVCC, (and maybe FVCC should re-evaluate what they pay their staff, especially at the prices they charge per credit, OMG it is HIGH)  …and to that, I say … I DON’T CARE!!  You knew what the pay rate was when you took the position, and when I am in your class, I demand 100% of your attention!!  I do not care about your other jobs … especially when you need to leave the class room to take a business call, or better yet, class is cancelled because you have a meeting with a client of yours.  Some … ok, a lot of the teachers, the part-time teachers, need to learn to prioritize.  STUDENTS COME FIRST!!!!  If you don’t like it … QUIT!!

Lets not even start the conversation on the qualifications you need to be an instructor here at the college.  Lets just say … You can take a class one semester, and the next, you are teaching it.  NO … you do not have a teaching degree, any formal training as a teacher, you just did really well in the class last semester.  You now have a job as an instructor at FVCC. 

But to the excellent instructors at FVCC that made class worth attending … Chris Hanchett … George Cowan … and my photography instructor, Peter … Thank You!!  Thank You for LOVING what you do, showing that spirit in each class, and making it a joy to come to class … everyday!!  Again … Thank You!!

I know this has been mostly a negative post, but I had to swallow a lot of crap over the last 2 1/2 years, and now I have vented.  I have made some good contact, made some great friends, and will always cherish my time here … at FVCC!!

Don Weakly

MHP – Montana Helical Piers – Logo Contest …

Well … Here are the logos I created and submitted for the contest at MHP.  I like doing logos but I must say, to design a logo for a “client” this way(without much for input or feedback … quality one on one time with the client) this is my least favorite way.  Primarily because it is a gamble … you can’t devote a lot of QUALITY time to this logo because there is a very good chance your work will not be picked … being we have a class of 16 students … or so!!  I gave it a whirl, and used about 3 hours total on this project.  Let me know what you think!!  OH … and by the way … GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!  Whoever wins should buy pizza for the class!!!!  If I win, you can count on me springing for PIZZA!!!!   lol …

Business Card …

I have been in the sign and graphics industry, in some way, since 1994.  Since then I have had different business cards, always trying to “re-invent” myself, professionally.  Below is my FINAL … lol … card, at least for now.  I have incorporated my favorite color, BLUE, and I used raised ink on the front.  I feel raised ink gives a card more merit than just flat press ink.  I also added a partial list of my services on the backside of this card.  I feel more people should use the backside of their cards because it is an untapped source for advertising.

Branding …

On my brand … I kind of already touched on this in my last post.  For the design aspect, I like what you see below but not necessarily with a box around it.  I like blue … I really like blue … It is my favorite color.  But I am willing to change the color of my design logo to suit the background color so it stands off nicely.  For a web page, I might go with shades of gray and black with a white logo … I will have to see what strikes me when I put it together!!  I also like outdoor colors … Green, Tan, Brown, Black … and the such!!  Watch for more to come ……..

Assignment #4 … Brainstorming

Brainstorm about my logo.  Ooooooookay … I like things simple and clean, remember, so for a photography website or a photography logo I chose a font I like.  It has some character, but yet is easy to read.  I DO NOT like my handwriting … ie: Signature, so to keep it clean, all I want is the name of the business in a nice font.

Simple as can be.


Now for my design logo I went with a simple font, and chose a script font to use for my initials inside of a diamond.  I used uppercase and lowercase to play with the word designs to say designs and then put in the work signs.  I also used small diamonds to space the font in designs out a bit.


Assignment #3 … Wildcard

For my Wildcard, I am going to work on a really nice layout for my portfolio.  I want to show the logo I created for a client, and then incorporate some pictures of the actual signs, vehicle lettering, banners, or whatever, around the logo.  All this on an 11″ x 17″ portfolio page.  1 client per page!!  Hopefully everything will turn out really nice!!

Stand by for more ….