Assignment #1 … Digital Portfolio Prep

Q. What inspires you? A. What inspires me, is a good question, and one that I often have difficulty defining.  In the aspect of designing, I find myself drawn to designs that are more simple.  To define simple, I would continue to say that designs I am drawn to are not hectic and cluttered.  Clean, bold, and a design that is easy to understand, whether it be text or graphic, is what I like.  When I am driving, I always find myself looking at signs, vehicle graphics on cars passing by, and billboards.  And if you are a passenger in my vehicle, I feel sorry for you. NO … Not because of my driving, but because I then make a comment on different things I see, like how well that sign told a message, or if a graphic or sign I see doesn’t look quite right to me, then I ask the people in the car … What would have you done to make it better? … Which is asked to someone that could care less about signs, graphics or designing.  When I speak of clean design, we can extend that to websites, and really any media you choose.  Sometimes, less is more.  I really like this company shown just to the lower left.  The owner has great design skills, I really like his work whether that be for the web, or signage for businesses.  He is also a writer for one of the sign publications that I subscribe to.  He always writes a very interesting and informative article.

Q. What are your strengths? A. My strengths are many … lol!!  Seriously … I’m not sure.  I can say that if I am designing a logo or a sign for a client, I try to do my very best to give them a product that will meet their needs, and surpass their expectations.  I am also honest, and smart enough to say if I can not take on a project, I don’t tell them … No problem.  Ummmm … Yes it is a problem, I can’t do it, or feel comfortable doing it, but since I have been in the business since 1994, I can recommend someone, without hesitation, that can fulfill the clients needs.

Q. What type of projects do you want your portfolio to center around? A. I would like to have my portfolio based on … Signs & Sign Designing … I know, BIG SHOCKER.  But for the longest time, 16 years and counting, that is what I have done to make a living.  I get excited when I accomplish a great design that the customer is looking for.  Again, as previously stated, I like a clean message.  One that is easy to read and not encumbered by text crowding each other or a design so hectic, your eye doesn’t know where to start.

Q. What are the three aspects you want to improve this semester about your designs? A. Like Ford says in their commercials … Quality, is job 1.  Whether you like Ford Motor Company or not, their catch phrase is correct.  For one, I want to perfect every design I do from here out.  I want to push myself to gain the next level in design for my clients, and myself.  I am looking into a way to add more photography in my work.  Whether that be large format digital printing on fleet vehicles, or chasing down print jobs that require photography input, I want to push myself in that arena.  Photography, I believe, will be my new outlet for expressing my creative inner-self.  Content … Quality Content is another aspect that I would want to improve on for my portfolio.  Anyone can fill a portfolio with EVERYTHING they did, but I want my portfolio to show growth.  Growth as in how my designing has gotten better over time, how I have progressed as a graphics designer, and as an artist.


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