A little about me …

Things I am …  1.  A sign GOD …. lol … jk       Been in the sign and graphic industry since 1994.     2.  A CPR/First Aid/AED Instructor       Been doing this since October of 2007.  I am affiliated with The Billings Clinic, of course, in Billings Montana.     3.  A Geocacher Extradordinaire ….. lol …. No, Seriously ….. LOVE IT!!  It lets the techie in me out, and what boy doesn’t like a treasure hunt????     4.  I consider myself a loyal friend, and will be there if you need me!

Things I am not …  1.  Quiet     2.  Shy     3.  Bashful     4. Sometimes I have no Tact …. or I definately lose it at times.     5.  Sometimes my brain does not engage before the mouth engages …. sorry …. It is a flaw I am working on!!


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