It’s Finally … OVER!!!!

Well, school has finished and yes, I did graduate and walk the walk.  I have had time to evaluate my schooling over the last couple of years … 2 1/2 to be exact … and I am a little disappointed to say the least.  Maybe because the IT Website field is forever changing … and at a rapid pace … but I feel my education here at Flathead Valley Community College was far from par.  It seems that some of the classes were good ones to take for the field, while others … a complete waste of time.  And then once you are in a class that applies to your field, you are only in it for 1 semester, to never touch that subject again, until you try to find a job, and then realize that you are sitting behind the eight ball with your education for the field of choice.

Now that brings me to the instructors at FVCC … Some of them are very caring, knowledgeable, and passionate teachers of their chosen field.  And some others … lets just say … NOT!!!!  A lot of the instructors at FVCC are just part-time.  I understand that they have other jobs, hell, you need to just to survive in the valley.  BUT, when you have made a choice to be a teacher, that career should come first, especially when you are in the middle of teaching a class.  And yes, I have heard how little the teachers make here at FVCC, (and maybe FVCC should re-evaluate what they pay their staff, especially at the prices they charge per credit, OMG it is HIGH)  …and to that, I say … I DON’T CARE!!  You knew what the pay rate was when you took the position, and when I am in your class, I demand 100% of your attention!!  I do not care about your other jobs … especially when you need to leave the class room to take a business call, or better yet, class is cancelled because you have a meeting with a client of yours.  Some … ok, a lot of the teachers, the part-time teachers, need to learn to prioritize.  STUDENTS COME FIRST!!!!  If you don’t like it … QUIT!!

Lets not even start the conversation on the qualifications you need to be an instructor here at the college.  Lets just say … You can take a class one semester, and the next, you are teaching it.  NO … you do not have a teaching degree, any formal training as a teacher, you just did really well in the class last semester.  You now have a job as an instructor at FVCC. 

But to the excellent instructors at FVCC that made class worth attending … Chris Hanchett … George Cowan … and my photography instructor, Peter … Thank You!!  Thank You for LOVING what you do, showing that spirit in each class, and making it a joy to come to class … everyday!!  Again … Thank You!!

I know this has been mostly a negative post, but I had to swallow a lot of crap over the last 2 1/2 years, and now I have vented.  I have made some good contact, made some great friends, and will always cherish my time here … at FVCC!!

Don Weakly


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