Over a year later ….

Well …… I have talked to a few professionals in the field … Web Design … and one of the classes that THEY …. Professionals Here in the Flathead Valley … say they are surprised that the college does not dwell deeper into Word Press. ESPECIALLY since the school is teaching Web Design, that is about a year or more …. like 2+ …. behind the curve. In other words ….. OUTDATED … These professionals have not used Dreamweaver in over 5 years!! They use Word Press. If you like, feel free to comment, or chime in on what you use.

My challenge to you …. Look at an ad in the newspaper, for a website designer …. and look at their requirements. Then look at the Website Design degree from FVCC ….. and see if what they are teaching, is even close to the relevance of what an employer is looking for in a prospective employee. Let me know what you find. I am interested ……


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